Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paint Your Wagon

I am full of ideas lately, but sadly not too many useful house ideas. First it was castle dreams, now I can't stop thinking about getting a little travel trailer and fixing it up. I don't even really want it for travel, I just like the idea of using our RV parking pad to create a little getaway cozy nook. I remember when I was a kid I had a friend whose parents had a tent trailer that we could play in. It was always so fun to go out there and have this whole separate world. We spent hours in there despite it being so hot and musty inside. So I have been looking for old funky retro mini travel trailers for a while now. Airstream trailers are beautiful but surprisingly expensive! Then today I saw this while browsing for home design stuff:

If that is not the cutest most fun thing I have ever seen today then I don't know what is! You can find the rest of the pictures at desiretoinspire

I still think the travel trailer route would be better for me since it seems like these wagons need to be built from scratch and I think I am more of a re-haber than a builder.

Okay, okay so you may be thinking to yourself "What is your problem? You have this whole house to decorate and fix up and you want to start a whole NEW project??" But I think my problem is that I am still completely overwhelmed with this whole house project. There is just so so so much to do! But I will keep trying to stay focused on the task at hand and not be distracted by colorful and cute things. Maybe some day...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Castle dreams

Upon returning from our viewing of the new Harry Potter, we were reminded about how much we the contributors for this old blog would like to live in a castle. I don't know how you can watch those movies and NOT want to run away to England and sleep in a big canopy bed with a nice fire maybe a couple dogs laying at your feet keeping you warm. In any case, the Hogwarts castle is loosely based on Alnwick castle. Here is a picture - isn't it loverly?

It's not just the exterior that we like, but the interior. For me, I long to have a room much like Slughorn's office with two tufted sofas facing each other with a cozy rug and a roaring fire in between. I could only find one screen shot from the scene, its not the best.

There's Ron recovering from his near-death experience! Yikes!

In any case, this got me shopping for tufted leather sofas online, where I discovered Horchow, which has the most fabulously extravagant and beautiful things I have ever seen.

Not sure where this post was supposed to go . . . oh well. Until we move away to France or someplace similar to live in the castle of our dreams we will be here sleeping in good ole Rosemont. Well I will be sleeping, I am pretty sure Mr. House said he was going to stay up all night reading the book. . . Night!