Friday, July 23, 2010

Decorating project

I have been anxious to finally get some art hung up on these bare walls. It is kind of sad how little decorating we have done considering the fact that we have lived here for over a year. Ok, yes our attention was focused on other, more important things. But a house without decor is like a cake without icing! And who wants to eat a dry icing-less cake? Not me!

So we have had in mind to do an art wall on one side of our living room for some time. Finally I wanted to get started. I really wanted to hang up my poster from Hitchcock's Vertigo on the wall because A. I love it and B. I thought the orange would pop so well against the icy blue of our walls. The problem was that I decided the poster was just too big to be included on the art wall. Also maybe I had this nagging thought of "Hey now Abby, you are a real adult. REAL adults don't hang movie posters on the walls unless it is in their home theater. Do you have a home theater? No??"

But I digress. I decided to chop my beloved poster down to a smaller size and frame just a chunk of it. This way I could make it more artsy and less postery and it would be a more digestible size for my wall. Here is what the original poster looked like - don't worry, it wasn't original or anything close to good quality. It had rips and tape pieces from when we had it hung over our very steep staircase in our old apartment and I had to jump up and rip it off the wall when we moved.

I found this interesting frame at Aaron Bros (one penny sale score!) and just moved the matte around until I liked it. I decided that I liked the font too much to cut the text out completely, but I didn't really want it to include whole words. Also I wasn't crazy about the idea of my wall saying "Hitchcock's piece".

Finally I stuck it in the frame, and voila! New art!

Now to finish framing some other things and hopefully our cake will soon be iced!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Harvest

We have been busy as ever at This Old Blog. Just wanted to update you on our first garden harvest. These cherry tomatoes are so delicious! I think it is especially true with tomatoes that nothing really beats the taste when they are home grown. They make store bought tomatoes taste like white bread.