Saturday, December 12, 2009

New appliances

Sorry we are so mum over here at this old blog. Many exciting things have been going on though. One of these exciting things was getting a new dishwasher! The one that came with the house was on old ugly looking thing. All the folks from older generations who came over exclaimed that it was top of the line Hobart by Kitchen Aid. So it was top of the line - at one time - and had held up pretty well over the past years. One thing that bothered me about it (aside from the fact that it never really got things that clean and was hard to load) was that it just plain smelled. Musty old yucky icky smell- probably from having been kept locked shut for a good long while. I tried to get rid of the odor every way I could but it still remained. Luckily we were able to put in a bright shiny new white dishwasher that works like a charm. The formula of 1 part husband and 2 parts dads worked like a charm as well.

Here is a shot of us taking the old one out.

And the new all snug as a bug in a rug!

It matches our new refrigerator as well.

Out with the old off-white (beige? biscuit? sand?) and in with the new! Shiny!