Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

Well it has been a whole year since we signed the papers on our house!!! In that year we have learned many things and made many improvements but somehow there are those things that never get done. We have had this todo list on our fridge since we first moved in. . . with many things still not crossed off! Instead of talking about all the things we have accomplished, I thought I would share all those things we haven't gotten around to because that is just the kind of mood I am in.

1. Fix entry door sill
Basically there is nothing under our front door. Quite ugly

2. Install switch plates
OK so this one is like 95% done . . . but for some reason there are a few bare light switches and power outlets around this place. Really bugs me.

3. Label circuit breaker
The few labels that are actually preexisting on the breaker are mostly incorrect. So basically we have little to no idea what is controlled by what. Makes doing electric work loads of fun.

4. Install laundry storage
We had dreams of a beautiful countertop and some upper cabinets and shelving. I really want to rig it so we can have that thing where your detergent sits above your washer and you can just like push the little thing and have it pour directly down into your washing machine. Would really love that.

5. Install window coverings in garage.
"Look everyone walking by! Here is all our junk!"

6. Paint all trim and doors
Yeah, this really need to get done.

7. Install master bath floor
Putting something nice and like . . . waterproof over the old wood floors we have in there would be just wonderful.

8. Re-install baseboards
This is absolutely #1 on my would really like to get done list. I can't even express how much it bugs me to see this ugliness. As an added bonus, when sweeping the floors you can just sweep all the dirt under the walls! Works wonders!

To start the second year in the house I think I will start a NEW list and see how that one goes.