Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art Wall

So I have a brand new mindset lately. Or should I say motto? Motto, yes let's go with that. My new motto is "just do it". Not necessarily in the Nike way, (what exactly did they mean by that?) My way of thinking about it is with things around the house. Instead of always walking past that patch of dirty floor thinking "oh, I really should get around to sweeping that" then the next day walking past thinking "still need to sweep" and then the next day "this floor is disgusting, this place is a pigsty" then "you are so lazy, just sweep the floor!" So instead of torturing myself like that I decided to "just do it" - if I see something that I want to fix, just do it right away. It might make me alittle more scatter brained because I am always doing 20 things at once, but at least I'm not beating myself up, and hey, things are actually getting done.

Take our art wall for example. I finally got around to framing a few more pieces of art and finally hanging some on the walls. Its like Mr House said "Gee, after over a year it finally looks like we live here." Here is the finished (for now) art wall.