Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grilled Nachos

As a late fathers' day present, I got a new charcoal grill, upgrading from my 11 year old portable grill that I got as a birthday present after graduating college, to a gas ignited charcoal grill with about four times the space, as well as some other nifty features. [mainly not having to crouch down to use it]  I will try to post a review of the grill later, after I have had some more time to get used to it.

Every new grill needs new recipes, and after cooking the obligatory barbecue foods like steaks, chicken legs, corn, and kabobs, we decided to try something more ambitious.  We also had 2lbs of chips left over from a party.  Result?

Enter Grilled Nachos.

This basically used the grill as an outdoor oven, although I did grill the steak ahead of time.  I got the temperature up around 250 degrees Fahrenheit and kept it there for about 20 minutes, with the nachos on a cookie sheet wrapped in foil to protect it from baked on cheese and grill flareups (of which there were none).  Aside from the steak, I also grilled some tomatoes and tomatillos from our garden (featured in the last post) and some onion, all of which were added to the nachos.

Here is the final result:

Very tasty!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First harvest of the season

First harvest of the season.  In august.  The end of august. Whaa Whaa...