Thursday, October 15, 2009

Theres a storm a blowin' !!

Well we had a big (for Sacramento) storm this week which caused everybody to go into a panic like it was the great flood. Fortunately for us this meant that Mr. House was able to leave work early because they shut down his whole office early. So we are going home and I am thinking - "oh how nice! Come home early. Rainy outside. Curl up on the couch with my hubby." etc, etc. However when we pulled up at our house we found this waiting for us.

A big big branch from our tree fell. Luckily it didn't hit anything important except a rose bush that may or may not make it. The wind and rain had made a mess of a bunch of other things so instead of my getting cozy ideas we had to suit up and try to fix a few things in the middle of the storm. Removed leaves from drain and gutters, fixed fence, collected things that had flown about the yard, and take a damage report of the tree.

That night it was still too rainy to do much about the tree, although by the time we got home we already had numerous business cards from tree service people in our mailbox and people knocking on our door offering their services. Last night as soon as we got home Mr. House went right to business with his little bow saw (apparently we don't believe in chainsaws in this house - even when cutting apart huge branches from a 50 year old tree.)

So he is cut, cut, cutting away and eventually some neighbors come knock on our door saying how they just feel so bad to see Mr. House out there with his hand saw and could they please help us out with their handy chainsaw. Very nice.

Tonight hopefully we can finish the job. I am hoping to stack some wood up to dry for firewood someplace. Hey, we've got to make use of what we've got, right?

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