Sunday, April 5, 2009

tile, tile everwhere!

We finally have the tile nearly finished (it just needs to be sealed)! This was one of our biggest, and surely our most expensive projects.

Here is what it looked like before. Please note the ugly brown carpet (I first typed that as 'crapet' - which I think is a better descriptive word, I will have to remember to use that one). Also note the linoleum in a lovely half moon shape. The linoleum actually wasn't that bad but there were no hardwoods in the dining area so for continuity we figured we might as well do the whole thing at one time.

Here is what it looked like after we took the crapet off, with the pad stuff down.

Here is a very messy shot during painting week. Its true what they say, the kitchen is the heart of any home,  especially during a painting party. Also note the GREEN walls and the orange pads are gone!

Ok now are about to get down to work. Here come the dads to take out all of the underlayment. Thanks dads! That was some hard work!

One of three layers of linoleum that we had to dig up

Also please note the huge scorched part of the floor that we found! Yay fire damage!

And now for the finished tile!

Getting so close to living in our first home now!
Tune in next time for "Wood Floors: A Facelift"


  1. As mentioned earlier, removing that underlayment was 33 man hours of work, and it saved us a mere $800-$900 dollars. I guess $24 an hour is not that bad...

  2. Wow, the new tile looks great! As do your cabinets. I can't wait to see your new home in person!